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The first Saturday of December Lucchesi Nel Mondo-Tuscany Club comes together to celebrate the holidays.  

Christmas spirit is in the air.  The  smell of freshly home baked cookies predominates the room.  Members and friends plan throughout the year to earn "Top Cookie" honors for the best cookie brought to the exchange.  Come with 3 dozen of one type of cookie and leave with a large variety of other cookies to share at home with family and friends.

Top Cookies 2017
Le vincitrice
Sunday, December 2, 2018
1:00 – 4:00pm
(Note this is the first Sunday despite what is said previously)

Each year Lucchesi comes together to celebrate Christmas and to share in a friendly competition of our Christmas baking skills. We have a cookie exchange and contest for best cookie overall (Current champ is Mei-Lin Lu), most tasty cookie and best presentation. The overall winner gets to wear the coveted apron, "My Cookie Rocks."   Really everyone wins as each baker gets to go home with a large number of different types and shapes of cookies to share with their family and friends during the Christmas season.

For those who don't bake or can't bake, it is a fun time to just enjoy the company of one another. There is a nominal $10 fee to help cover the luncheon food and drink. Members are always welcome to bring a bottle of their favorite wine or beverage to drink.  

Space is limited so RSVP to our secretary, Osvaldo Barsi - obarsi@verizon.net