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For those who can demonstrate Tuscan heritage, i.e. have a family history linked to Tuscan, or  someone  in their family is born in Tuscany.  

Benefits at the Toscani level include:
Young Adult Benefits (18-35) - Study in Viareggio or Siena  (This program is suspended for now)
The Mario Olla program (Intern in Italy fields for those with strong language skills and studies in Communications and Tourism)
Parco Nazionale (study agriculture in Italy. 

For seniors
Other benefits include a program for older adults who have not been able to travel to Italy in 20 years due to financial constraints.  
Soggiorno in Toscana per anziani (at least 60 years old): the region will contribute 500 euros for seniors who have not returned to Tuscany in 20 years.  
Benefits of being a member

Becoming a member of the Associazione Lucchesi nel Mondo is full of benefits! 

There are two levels of membership: TOSCANI and AMICI.
All members receive discounts to annual events, discounted Just Like Nonna classes, partial refund of tuition for language classes at Casa Italiana. Other benefits, including discounts on products in the USA and Italy, are under development.